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Faaborg, Denmark. The town of Market Winnow's  HQ


Founded in Faaborg,

Our mission

To provide investors with unrivalled signals

about future stock price movements.


Navigating the world of stock investing can be complex and intimidating. At Market Winnow, we simplify this process for you. We use an innovative algorithm to appraise the competitive fitness of firms going forward, and then assign firms a corresponding rating. These ratings serve as a clear, reliable indicator of future stock price movements, enabling you to make informed investment decisions today.


While investing always carries risk, smart decisions can significantly increase your wealth over time. Our service is designed to provide you with clarity amidst market noise. We separate likely winners from losers, helping you make sense of the stock market and start building your financial future. It's not about getting rich quick – it's about steady, informed decisions that lead to long-term success.


We believe that with transparency comes trust. That is why we update the performance of our system daily and serve you the numbers simply. We are here to provide you with unrivalled, understandable signals about future stock price movement. We strive to be your most trusted guide in the world of investing, giving you with an edge that even professionals envy.

Our algorithm

​The cornerstone of Market Winnow is an algorithm that converts the performance of firms into measures of competitive strength, and converts these strength measures into a rank (from 1 to 6) that gives a reliable signal about movement in the firm's stock price.

Our service

A meagre 4 percent of professional fund managers in the U.S., as estimated by SPIVA, consistently outpace the S&P 500. Our Rank 1 and Rank 2 stocks have consistently done much better, but we encourage our customers to regard them as a springboard for equity analysis. Our rankings undoubtedly provide potent signals and diminished noise compared to most information sources, but investors should conduct their own due diligence. To this end, we recommend Simply Wall St as a valuable resource and, as part of our service, link to their site for our customers' convenience.

Our name

The name Market Winnow reflects our mission to help investors sift through market noise and identify valuable signals, akin to how the ancient winnow separated grain from chaff.

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