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Cookie Policy

Please read this cookie policy before using our website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a passive data file stored by a website on, for example, your computer or other IT equipment, which makes it possible to recognize your IT equipment the next time you visit our site. At the same time, the cookie file records - in anonymized form - how you use the website and does not leave data on who you are - neither name, address, nor other identifiable information. Cookies cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs.

Some cookies are only stored on your IT equipment if you have the browser open (session cookies), while other cookies are stored on your IT equipment for an extended period after you close the browser (persistent cookies). When you return to a website, the cookie will typically be renewed automatically.

Purpose of cookies

On, we use cookies in connection with the regular operation of the website, for compiling statistics to improve the website's appearance and user experience and for marketing.

Consent, revocation, and rejection 

When you use our website for the first time, you will be greeted with a message about our use of cookies. You can freely choose to accept the use of cookies by clicking "OK," or you may choose not to accept them by not clicking "OK" or by clicking "No thank you. " If you choose not to accept the use of cookies, we will not place cookies on your equipment, except those necessary for the website to function correctly and remember your choice. Please note, however, that some features on our site may only work if you have accepted cookies.

If you do not want to accept cookies or wish to withdraw your consent, you can disable cookies in your browser.

Deleting cookies

We do not have the option to delete the cookies we put on your equipment. If you want to delete cookies, you can do so via your browser settings. Deleting cookies depends on your browser choice, but you should always be able to find help with this in the browser itself. The browser should allow you to delete cookies individually or altogether. If you use multiple browsers, you need to delete cookies from all of them.


If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you are welcome to contact us by emailing If you would like to know more about how we process your personal data, please read about this in our privacy policy.

Last Updated

March 6, 2023.

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